Tud Dret is a Cape Verdean expression meaning "it's all good"

A philosophy of life that combines creativity with positivity and has allowed a small country in the middles of the Atlantic Ocean to push through difficult times with a perennial smile on the face of its people.

Our goal is to turn that mindset into a global action platform.

Born to support and tell the stories of real people, using real-world creativity to solve real problems.


Roger Serrasqueiro + AndrĂ© Moreira + Dany Obradovic Duarte + Johan Helgesson

We are four creatives, from all over the world, and our goal with this project is to tell real stories, of real people using optimism and creative thinking in an effort to improve their lives and the lives of the ones around them.
One problem at a time, one story at a time - Tud Dret